How To Avoid Online Affiliate Programs Scams

Before starting to invest time and money in a online money making program, you must be sure that you collaborate with people that can be trusted. In this short article I will give some examples and advices that may help you to make the difference between an online scam and a serious online affiliate program. Let’s say that you found one program that seems a good opportunity, a few methods to find out if the people behind this program are serious are the following:

– The first questions that you must ask yourself are: The offer sounds credible ? This program, viewed at a large scale, brings any benefit for the parts implied ? This program offer any guarantee ?

– A website of such a company will not be a neglected one, if you notice errors in such websites, then this fact should make you suspicious because, a serious and profitable company will never afford to display with a poor website with errors.

– Any serious affiliate program must have a method for supporting its affiliate, that should be practical and efficient.

– Contact the support section with a general question and notice how and in how much time they will answer back, a respectable program will always respect and support its members and affiliates.

– Read carefully the terms of service and search for any irregularity or rules that may affect your further affiliation with the program.

– Keep your eyes open and don’t trust any promises or offers that look exaggerated.

– With a search on a search engine (scam program x) you can find out the opinion of other people about a particular program , if you find generally negative comments and reviews then you better think twice before you join that program, from our experience, a serious program doesn’t generate almost at all negative comments, and anyway if it generate, these comments will be insignificant in number. Don’t forget, negative comments may represent also some side-functions that does not satisfy some persons and that does not correlate with other important factors like program trust and affiliate payments, etc, so read carefully.

– There are websites specialized in exposing online scam programs around the internet, look also on these websites before starting to collaborate with any affiliate program, if the program is not listed on these sites, then its a first good step.


We hope that these information will help you avoid online scams and frauds, we wish you success in your affiliate marketing journey!