WordPress vs. Blogger – Advantages and Disadvantages

Blogger vs wordpress platform

Most bloggers today have certainly heard of Blogger or WordPress. Both are editing platform that you can post articles with or create whole websites without needing HTML, CSS, PHP or other complicated knowledge. These platforms offer a wide range of options and themes, and even with the option to make your website private. With both, bloggers are faced with deciding which platform is better or which one has the most advantages.

In this article, I will show the disadvantages and advantages of each platform, at the end leaving you to choose which platform is for you. This blog uses wordpress, but in this article I look at the critical side of both platforms. Because both comes with advantages and disadvantages…

Blogger vs wordpress platform


Simple and easy to use interface with a fairly simplistic approach, Blogger has built its reputation especially after the company was bought by Google. Control panel is minimized, the specific style of Google, the only thing more complicated is the theme manager, offering a few themes that can be modified. There are hundreds of themes on the Internet, so choosing a design should not be a problem.

As I said above, one of the first assets to Blogger is that it offers a wide range of themes (hundreds), contrary to fears that Blogger has fewer themes than WordPress. Furthermore, Blogger is offering a free theme editor, HTML/CSS to, WordPress users must pay for such options.

Also, monetizing your Blogger site is much easier, and most importantly, is free, compared with WordPress where are some major restrictions:

You can add ads on your blog only if you have more than 25,000 monthly page views. And even if you meet this condition, some of the money will go to WordPress.

If you do not meet this condition, the monetization interface of Blogger is available through the control panel, and the user can simple disable or enable AdSense ads, with a single click.


WordPress is very popular, being an excellent platform for a blogger who does not take into account money (at least at first), but the site content. Posting editor and control panel are much more advanced as the one at Blogger, and offers many more options and modifications.

WordPress also offers you protection against comment spam with its Akismet script.

Control panel interface of WordPress is far more advanced and enjoyable, as it offers much more options. Blogger offers a handful of important options, but only that.

Media is much more advanced here, images, sounds and movies are much easier to access in a “library”, when you want to post such a file.

WordPress platform would far exceed that of the Blogger if the one who uses it buys premium services and plugins. However, even by using free services you can have a beautiful blog that will help you in an elegant way.

But in the end, if we think we can do a little discrepancy between Blogger and WordPress, the discrepancy coming from each user only in part to choose what best suits their needs. If you want to experience more advanced writing, you choose WordPress, and if you want to have a major impact on a timely free blog, you can choose Blogger.

Do not confuse WordPress.org with WordPress.com – the .com version offers the ability to create a free blog, while the .org version is offering the ability to download and install WordPress, as a platform on your own hosting account.