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19 Low Budget Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

19 Low Budget Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

A small budget doesn’t mean a small presence. With a little creativity, foresight, and know-how, your business can compete with any of the big guys online.

If you’ve been struggling to figure out how a small business can effectively market its goods and services in an increasingly saturated and competitive digital-marketplace, consider low budget digital marketing strategies that will help you attract more new customers consistently for little or no money.

Here are some suggestions for how to get started without blowing your entire marketing budget:

1. Create accounts on social media sites and post constantly

Invest time in building your brand’s personality on social media. Get creative and show off what makes your business unique. It will make for more engaging posts, which is the easiest way to grow followers and fans.

Create a catchy description of your company on each platform and use it when sharing updates to help build a shared identity among all of your channels. Be active online by posting often, responding to comments, and keeping track of relevant hashtags or discussions within your niche. Regularly post or share influencers from within your industry for maximum reach. Optionally offer exclusive deals only available through social media.

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How Safe Are Smartphone Payments?

Almost a third of smartphone users think that accessing online payments systems through smartphones or tablets is not safe. They do not trust the security of mobile devices in terms of making purchases over the Internet or using online banking type services, as evidenced by the Kaspersky Consumer Security Risks survey.

Stores, online payment platforms and e-banking systems have simplified many financial operations. This gives users the ability to pay their bills, buy hard to find items and make transactions through a few clicks without wasting time on crowded counters.

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How To Improve Your Computer Speed ​​- The Best Software Tools

After a while your PC will start running increasingly slower, the reasons for this are quite varied:

– The computer is old and no longer meet the new requirements imposed by current games or programs;
– Is infected with various trojans, viruses and spyware. The appearance of unwanted windows on the screen (usually with adult content) shows that;
– There were a lot of installing and uninstalling activities, and lots of temporary files are stored inside;
– Running two or more antivirus software. It is not recommended to run more than one antivirus program simply because they interfere with each other;
– You have not defragmented your hard disk in a long time. Usually this is the most common cause of slowing a PC.

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Bitcoin crypto currency

Bitcoin Has A Fundamental Flaw – The System Can Be Exploited For Personal Use

Bitcoin digital currency is based on a system that can be exploited for personal use, says a new study from Cornell University. A large enough group of users could retrieve the value of the entire system, according to the researchers.

Described by Prof. Emin Surer, destabilizing the economy of Bitcoin relies on a group of users who could exploit the system, which normally has an anchor of stability based on the honesty of all participants.

At the moment, one Bitcoin is worth nearly $800, and digital currency economy exceeds the total value of $370 million, with over 10 million users.

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