10 Things to Make at Home and Sell Online For Extra Cash (and where to market)

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If you enjoy the process of crafting things, or if you have a desire to make money in your spare time without leaving your house, you might be thinking about starting your own side business as a crafter. This article will explore what’s involved with turning crafting into an online-based business, what you can create and where to market your products.

In order to start a successful craft-based business on the Internet, there are certain steps that you need to take. First, you need to decide what crafts you’re going to sell and strategize about how much those items will cost. You also need to determine the return on your investment and the right target audience to market at.

Deciding what crafts to sell

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of items you’re going to make and sell online. Is it going to be arts, crafts supplies, beauty products or jewelry?

What’s your favorite craft or hobby? This will determine what you’re going to sell. Some people will choose arts because they love painting or drawing; other will go to a different type of crafts by making things out of clay, metal or wood; and others may gravitate toward making organic beauty products.

However, certain crafts will be easier to sell than others. In order to determine which crafts you should choose, it’s important to consider how much demand there is for them. It’s also good to consider the cost of the materials needed for your craft.

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We’re making things easier for you, so below are listed some of the most popular crafts that are in high demand:

  • Food/ Drink – sweets baked at home or natural drinks (suitable for local delivery).
  • Beauty products – organic soaps and skincare products; lotions and bath salts.
  • Furniture – garden chairs or tables made from wood [DIY pallet projects].
  • Candles – homemade candles are very popular at the moment and many people are looking for them.
  • Candle holders – it’s important to also create specific candle holders in order to maximize the design and beauty of your candles.
  • Toys – these can be made from a wide range of materials and they can be customized with different colors, textures or patterns. Just be careful with designing toys in such a way to be completely safe for babies/kids.
  • Artwork – there are several materials you can use for art pieces like greeting cards, prints or photographs.
  • Clothing accessory – this is a simple piece of clothing made to look like a fashion accessory for example, a scarf, hat or scarf chain. It can be made of any material like yarn, plastic beads, glue and paper etcetera. Handbags and jewelry are also very popular.
  • Journals – you can create personalized journals that are unique and full of personality using a variety of materials from fabric to wood. You can also include different types of paper like recycled newspapers or vintage magazines.
  • Picture frames – you can make picture frames out of just about any type of material including wood, metal or plastic. These are easy to make and they’re great gifts for friends or family members.
  • Electronic toys – these are becoming more and more popular as children develop their technology skills. These small electronic gadgets can be used to make your own electronic music instrument or even your own custom games.
  • You can also turn your crafting skills into a business by selling crafts supplies online like sewing notions (thread, buttons, fabric glue), knitting needles and yarns.

Your goal is to start with products that you’re comfortable making so that it’s easier and faster for you to create and sell them.

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Market research

Once you’ve decided what crafts you want to make and sell, your next step is to do market research. If you have a craft idea but there’s no demand for it, it probably won’t be profitable. On the other hand, if there’s too much competition in your particular niche, it may be difficult for you to compete.

Market research will determine how many people are interested in what you want to offer and whether or not they’re willing to pay for it. You can perform market research by getting feedback from surveys or by observing trends on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

Your business plan and goal setting

Once you have decided what sort of crafts you want to make and sell online, it’s time to develop a business plan. This is where you will consider the return on your investment, based on the costs of materials + operational expenses. You will also lay out your goals and a timeline for achieving them.

Even if you are making crafts for fun, it’s important to have a business plan so that you can track expenditures and monitor how much money you’re making. If your craft business becomes successful, this will allow you to adjust your production schedule or add new items to your inventory as needed.

Making a living from your craft business

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If you’re hoping to make a living from your online-based craft business, it’s important to be realistic about how much money you are going to earn. In order to be successful, you have to produce products that people want and will pay for; therefore, it’s important that you develop products that align with the current market trends.

There are also certain business expenses that you will have to keep in mind when determining how much profit you will make. These include any ongoing expenses like utilities, office supplies and equipment costs. You should also factor in any one-time costs like certification courses or workshops.

Marketing your products

You need to determine whether or not you’re going to sell your products on a full-time basis, or if this will be a supplement to other activities/ responsibilities. It’s also wise to decide when and how often you can create new products and ensure that it fits with your lifestyle.

Some of the places online where you can sell your crafts include:


This is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for selling handmade products. It’s also one of the biggest markets for indie artists to sell their handmade works. It’s also one of the biggest markets for indie artists to sell their handmade works. Etsy also comes with it own ad program where you can promote your products inside the network on a click-based fee.


This marketplace was created to empower sellers and buyers, by allowing everyone to conduct business with each other in a safe and secure environment. You can purchase or sell products at bid auctions, or buy now prices can be set.

Your website

A private website should can also be the hub for your online business, other places can be complementary to your website. You can use services like Shopify to create a beautiful online shop using their drag-and-drop interface – this will enable adding all the ecommerce features you’ll going to need for your online store, including traffic analytics.


An international classified advertising website which enables people to buy, sell, trade, rent or advertise virtually anything they want. It’s also a great way to market handmade hand-crafted goods for free and make local connections with potential clients or friends.


This is a great place to promote your craft business to friends, family, other contacts or other Facebook users by using Facebook ads. You can also create your own fan page and build an audience interested about your craft.


A website designed around sharing and discovering creative ideas and interests. You’re able to post photos of your craft projects, as well as relevant links to other websites or blogs that you like. It’s an excellent platform for marketing if you want it in a more visually unique format.


A great place to promote your craft business to potential clients. You can post special deals, discounts and product updates, which are all designed around a 140-character limit per message. Product images can be added too.


Probably not needing an introduction – but another photo-sharing site that has developed a sizeable niche by focusing on the unique visual display of photographs with filters and effects. The photos are also shared in chronological order, which makes it easy for you to market your products as you create them.


If you post videos about your crafts or how you create them, then YouTube will become an excellent platform for marketing and selling your products online. Many people prefer to see a video of the product before they make a purchase. YouTube is also a great way to connect on a deeper level with your audience. If you’re interested in getting the most out of YouTube, read the 8 YouTube SEO tips to help you rank your videos number one on YouTube.

Google Adwords

An excellent marketing tool for crafting businesses which can help promote your products and gain a significant amount of exposure. It’s also easy to set up with Google Adwords and it allows you to set up different ad campaigns that you can switch between using.

Now it’s time to create your crafts

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Time to get started and create something. Most of these simple crafts require just a few materials, but some will need more complex preparation. No matter what type of product you want to create, determining the materials and supplies will help you when you’re ready to take your crafts from idea to finished product.

So, this is our list of just some of the most popular crafts available to be crafted and for you to sell online. Now it’s time for you to explore your creativity and make something beautiful and unique! Happy Crafting!

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