A Guide to Website Directory Submission

Website directory submission

Following administration of web directories, I noticed that most people do not know how to properly and effectively submit their sites. Therefore, I will list below some key tips for submitting a site in a web directory:

– Title of the site must be brief and concise (most search engines display only the first 60 characters of the title of a Web page);

– Select one or more keywords for the site title, which best describes the activity and services you provide (keywords must be the same as those you have chosen when constructing and optimizing your website);

– Make a clear and concise description (most search engines display only the first 160 characters of the description of a Web page);

– Do not submit your site if is not finished yet;

– When submitting, use a different email address (separated) from your usual, avoiding the phenomenon of spam;

– And the last tip, but perhaps most importantly, check the links inside the directory website (source code of the page) for the nofollow attribute (rel = “nofollow”). To easily check the links, I recommend using the Nofollow Checker extension for Google Chrome. You probably know that this nofollow attribute, if present next to a link, will cut all the link juice benefit a website can give to your site.