How To Improve Your Computer Speed ​​- The Best Software Tools

IObit Advanced System Care Free

After a while your PC will start running increasingly slower, the reasons for this are quite varied:

– The computer is old and no longer meet the new requirements imposed by current games or programs;
– Is infected with various trojans, viruses and spyware. The appearance of unwanted windows on the screen (usually with adult content) shows that;
– There were a lot of installing and uninstalling activities, and lots of temporary files are stored inside;
– Running two or more antivirus software. It is not recommended to run more than one antivirus program simply because they interfere with each other;
– You have not defragmented your hard disk in a long time. Usually this is the most common cause of slowing a PC.

The best programs that can help you improve the performance of your computer are:

1. Malware Bytes

Malware Bytes

If it comes to malware infection, Malware Bytes is one of the oldest programs of its kind (that does not mean it’s a bad thing, on the contrary), having already a solid reputation, as has so often proved effective against such threats. The free version does not differ much from the premium one, perhaps the most important drawback is real-time protection. However, this program must not replace an antivirus, but should rather support it. A scan a month is enough, as a safety measure – in case your antivirus is missing something.

Although the name is suggestive, meaning that it will find and remove malware, I think it would be good to explain a bit about it. By malware we actually understand a series of infections, type trojans, rootkits (programs that can’t be viewed by the user in the process) or backdoors (programs that are “boycotting” normal authentication methods).

What I want to emphasize here is about the installation this program. Developers say that it is based on Chameleon technology, making it possible to install the program even if the system is infected (very bad), in such a way that it doesn’t allows any software installation.

2. IObit Malware Fighter

IObit Malware Fighter

Another well known program, who also built its reputation by its effectiveness, but which is definitely faster. At the official website, you can see a table that offers premium and free version. Indeed, the difference is more striking when compared with Malware Bytes, but that does not mean it is a little thinner, it remains up to the user of course. One thing though it seems trivial, but I think that should be mentioned: is the appearance of the interface program. It is a much more appealing interface compared to the previous software.

3. Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Probably not so popular, because Comodo amazed us in a pleasant way with other programs, like its firewall or antivirus software, but they all have a beginning, and Comodo wants to build an image in this anti-malware market too. The first thing that amazes at this program is the installation procedure, almost instantly, everything is pre-installed, and in just seconds you can start a complex system scan.

4. IObit – Advanced System Care Free

IObit Advanced System Care Free

Perhaps the most popular program in its class, IObit – Advanced System Care Free stands with most functions, and of course, not all are free. Advanced System Care is a collection of programs, all embedded in a robust software which, when used properly, can noticeably improve your PC performance.

The software includes a disk defragmenter tool, a registry cleaner which comes with many functions related to system security looking for errors in the system. After a normal scan, not everything that appears as an error is indeed an error. Often, it happens to inadvertently delete important files or records which are important for some software. So, always carefully analyze the results after a scan, before proceeding with cleaning. For high-risk files the program is very good, those with minimal risk shows the problem mentioned above.

Besides all this, the program comes with a “fundamental tools kit” which contains about 20 applications such as: Disk Doctor, Smart Ram, Internet Booster (Pro version only). Perhaps the most interesting application is Turbo Boost, which visibly improves application performance, stopping the less necessary ones. It also comes with a “gaming mode”.

5. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities

Like other programs in the same class, Glary Utilities is a software that meets a lot of expectations. The free version offers many options, including a disk defragmenter, cleaning and optimization of application files and programs. Although without the interactive interface of the IObit Advanced System Free, it seems that Glary enjoys a smaller community, but more dedicated.

1-Click Maintenance feature does exactly what it says and developers keeps your PC in top shape every day. Is not affecting your computer in any way, its just deleting temporary files, recycle bin, startup applications that seem dangerous, even some malware (do not expect a very large database, because this software is not specialize in malware removal).

6. Bleach Bit

Bleach Bit

Bleach Bit is not a program created for the rush people. These with more thorough actions, with more patience and who know exactly what they want will definitely need this program. Bleach Bit provides full control of the things that you want to delete. Compared with other programs, including those mentioned above, Bleach Bit comes with a package of options that allow you to delete for example: only Firefox Crash Reports, or only HTML5 cookies. It provides a perfect control over things.

7. CCleaner


CCleaner has proven to be the best and easiest program to delete temporary files and clean the Windows registry quickly. It does not come with so many options like Bleach Bit, but it’s definitely easier to use because it comes with certain fields (checkboxes) pre-selected. Many users have no patience to check what they want to delete or not, with CCleaner, you just have to click a button and you cleaned your system. CCleaner does just that.