Layers of Protection For Your Online Privacy

Online privacy

When visiting any website on the Internet, in one way or another, information will be exchanged between your computer and the site, this may seem like a normal thing, the site stores a cookie in your computer to recognize you the next time you visit again, or for other statistical/login data information.

This is not much of a big deal for regular users that don’t care what data are being pulled out of their system, but for some taking things more serious, this is a very important aspect.

I’m not going to expand on why it is important for you to safeguard your online privacy, because this should be a obvious thing, but in a short phrase: You don’t want unknown people looking over your door’s keyhole – this applies exactly to online activities.

But to open the eyes of some of the novices, I will simply list below what other parties (sites) have access to when you’re accessing their services:

Online privacy

Here you can find the differences between  the Chrome browser from Google and the Iron browser, which is kept open source for obvious reasons (security transparent):

Chrome vs SRWare Iron browser, in therms of security and online privacy

– Another example of what websites can track from your computer and online activity behavior is found in the protection features of the NotScripts addon

Here is what the developer states:

NotScripts gives you a high degree of “NoScript” like control over what javascript, iframes, and plugins runs in your browser to increase security and lower the CPU usage. It is useful to help mitigate some attacks like certain cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities and drive by downloads by blocking the third-party content before it even runs with it’s default deny policy.

You can whitelist the sites you want through an easy to use url bar icon and drop down menu.

NotScripts uses a unique and novel method to provide this “NoScript” like functionality in Google Chrome that was not previously possible. It introduces a break through technique of intelligent HTML5 storage caching to over come the limitations in Google Chrome that prevented an extension like this from being made before. NotScripts blocks third-party content BEFORE they load and it does this while also having a whitelist. This is one of the key extensions that many people have been waiting for since Google Chrome came out.

This addon can help you in blocking various sites and 3rd party services that wants access to some of your computer and browsing data. Many, including I, believe that the data stored during our online activity is a sensitive information that should rest in our computer only, and not get out of it without even knowing, by simply accessing a site. But hey, those sites have a Terms of Use page don’t they? So you just have to read a few pages before proceeding to any of those sites, in their opinion. Of course, a quicker alternative, and also a great layer of protection, is installing an addon like the one mentioned above, to shut off their secret “data channels”.

This site is also using WordPress, Google adsense, social plugins and maybe some other 3rd party services, that probably will get some data when you visit my blog, you can block what you wish. By publishing this article, I hope more people will be concerned about their online privacy, and take the necessary steps to protect it.

High Anonymity Proxies:

High anonymity proxy like SSLPrivateProxy allow you to surf in private and protect your identity online. They offer dedicated proxies and Virtual Private Networks for anonymity and security on Internet. Your IP will be hidden from people and websites who might want to geographically locate your city, country and real Internet Service Provider information.

Other dedicated proxy providers I recommend:

MyPrivateProxy – Anonymous proxies that support both HTTP and HTTPS protocol. Can be used with Twitter and Facebook marketing tools, Scrapebox, Bookmarkwiz, Senuke, Sick submitter and many more.