Selling Links on Your Site

Link selling on your site or blog

You can make decent money by selling links from your blog or site.

Today, I will present a great way to make money online with your site. It is a very simple method of monetization of a site, but not many use it. This method consists of selling links within your site. And here I do not mean about placing large banner ads in the pages of your site. These are small text links in your articles.

For example, if you have a blog about organic products, chances are the administrator of a site that sells organic products, will want to promote the site, and might be interested in a link placed in an article from your site. These links are very important for traffic and search engine optimization.

It is known that a link within an article discussing the topic of that site, receives a much higher value than a link placed in the blogroll or website footer. In addition to this, that link will bring traffic to the site, as visitors of your blog are interested in this topic, and will most likely click on the link.

Factors to consider

For this reason, you must be careful when negotiating the price of text links within your articles.

Price depends on several factors:

– PageRank of the page where the link will be placed;
– Number of visitors to the site;
– Relevancy of the article where the link will be placed;
– Number of outgoing links on that page (smaller the better);
– Keyword competition of the anchor text link.

There are not standard prices, so you can’t evaluate the exact cost of a link on your site. But you can learn a little by researching the competition, and find out how much an advertiser will be willing to pay for a quality text link.

For example, a link for “online advertising” should be at least twice more expensive than one for “wooden table”. I took some random examples, but the idea is that the search term “online advertising” have a much higher competition than for “wooden tables.”

I usually sell text links on medium-sized sites with $150-$300 per year, but depending on the niche, this can be lower or higher.