Steps To Properly Index Your Site in Search Engines

How to index your site in search engines

1 – Create a sitemap of your site (XML sitemap) and send it to Google using Google Webmasters Tools (you need a Gmail account for this).

2 – Add your site in Google Analytics.

3 – Browse to your main page using the Google Toolbar.

4 – Send your website address to a friend using Gmail.

5 – Mention your site URL (including http://) in forums highly rated by Google (do not try to spam).

6 – Search for your own site in search engines, especially Google, MSN, Yahoo and Alexa.

7 – Download and use the toolbars from, and

8 – Create a profile of your site on, use your link in the website profile.

9 – Create a Wikipedia entry for your site.

10 – Add your site on Technorati, IceRocket, Blogpulse.

11 – Submit links from your site (internal pages) to main directories like Yahoo Directory and Best of the Web Directory.

12 – Try to get links from bloggers who routinely write about competitive sites.

13 – Create press releases about your site with the help of by PRNewswire and PRWeb.

14 – Send links to your main page to as many social-networking sites (

15 – Buy some Google ads (Google AdWords) for your pages (this will force Google to access your pages in order to assess the quality).

16 – If your site contains information common to other similar sites, try to personalize them to make them unique.

17 – And last but not least, send your domain address to the main search engines:

Google Submit URL
Yahoo Submit URL Submit URL