The Power of Link Exchange

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The power of link exchange

One of the most difficult things anyone has to make when he wants to optimize their site for various search engines, is the Link Exchange strategy, for building backlinks.

After a site has been built, the next move is link building, so that it can be found on various search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc..), and gain trust, traffic and PageRank. Because backlinks is what makes the site be attractive for all search engines – SE popularity.

Consider the following example. Someone writes a book, or anything else that is valuable in its information. The fact that a growing number of people recommended this book, not only increase the value of its author, but also credibility and celebrity of that particular book. Well, getting for a website as many references from other sites, namely, links to our site, we get the relevance, popularity and growing credibility, not only from visitors, but also from the SE’s.

Of course, these references are obtained for the quality, uniqueness of content on the site. These links coming from other sites (incoming links) can be obtained by different methods, for example, contacting owners and proposing sites to exchange links with our site (reciprocal link exchange). This approach can be made in various forms: by email, phone, in agreement with other friends who have websites.

Another method is to register with free link exchange directories, that automate the link exchange process and link management.

Some of these sites are: