Alternative traffic channels you can use for your site without needing Google’s organic traffic.

Alternative traffic sources

You may be happy with your actual organic traffic, you receive lots of visitors daily so your site and online income is doing well. Well, you must think twice. Why? Because that ranking position you have today, might not be there tomorrow, and here is why:

Organic traffic is something you don’t really control, if Google decide to launch a new algo update, or to penalize your site for whatever reason, your income based on that traffic will simply dissapear overnight, and getting that traffic back is not an easy task, especially for those with smaller SEO budgets.

The only good thing you can do for your site or business today, is to consider alternative traffic sources, step into them and build a base of traffic and clients that will remain, regardless Google’s moves – which many are afraid of.

You can look at this in this way: If Google would be gone tomorrow, your site would still have visitors, and your business new clients? If the answer is no, then you are in a very sensitive position. But fortunately you can solve this issue in different ways, Google is not the only source of traffic that exists.

You can take into consideration the following traffic sources, that can help improve and maximize your traffic / clients and ultimately your online profit:


Social marketing: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, etc. Use these to reach your target audience;

Forums are a great source of traffic if you know how to participate in the discussion, by helping others, you’ll gather trust. Find forums related with your industry;

– You can use PPC traffic from other networks except AdWords;

Email marketing is still a BIG one, build your list slowly, send your worthy newsletters, and market your site and products;

– You can also approach cold calling or spreading flyers, this is a powerful tactic of gathering new clients;

Amazon is a nice place to be if you have a good product, make sure to focus on quality so you can gain positive reviews;

Video marketing is not something you should neglect, as video traffic is growing day by day, ensure you take your steak from it;

– Setup an affiliate program for yur product or service, this will increase your client base, even if you give commissions;

– Run various contests and giveways on your site, people love receiving free stuff, and you can go viral with this approach;

– Try to get some good links on quality niche directories, for getting referral traffic, not just link juice;


Remember that Google traffic is good to acquire because of the great targeted traffic is offering, as people are searching for particular keywords before landing on your pages.

However, you must also keep in mind that organic traffic is not a reliable source, and if you want to succeed no matter what happens, you must build on other traffic channels before the bad things happen with search engine rankings.