PageRank – Link Popularity

Pagerank link popularity

As we showed in a previous article, PageRank is a number that shows how important a page is in the opinion of Google (by vote of all other sites), is an important factor in shaping the search engine results list. If you are not interested in technical details, you can skip the next paragraph and continue reading further.

Internet web pages contain many links. Some of these are internal links, and others are external links, that have as destination another web page. If we try to represent the set of these links by drawing a graph, we obtain a directed system. Points of this graphic represents web pages and the links between them are the actual links. The graph lines are characterized by the power of the starting point and the reference number, which start from that point.

Pagerank link popularity

If we have plenty of external links pointing to our site, and their pages are valuable sources, the more valuable our site will be, and PageRank becomes higher. PageRank value of our site depends not only on quantity of links, but also their quality and relation.

With the introduction of Google’s PageRank this aspect can be measurable, obtaining a more efficiently list of results in search, so Google will display the most popular sites in its search engine results. If we go further, then we see that this solution establishes the importance of pages by other people votes, meaning a human decisions, because these links are displayed on pages with the consent of the owners. So, in short, Google is able to measure the webmasters decisions. Links that point to our website are called backlinks.

We do not know the precise PageRank value of a site at a given time, since the PageRank update is not made in real time. There is however a readable value, which is a number between 0 and 10, which is created by a Google logarithm. When this value is exported by Google, we can read it in Google Toolbar (by enabling PageRank extension) or using other tools on the Internet to check the PR value of a site or a particular page.

Of course, the higher the PageRank value of our website, the better chance we have to get distinct places in search engine rankings. It is important to mention that PageRank is an important factor in the formation of the ranking, but it is not the only influencing factor. Our ranking depends largely on the quality and content of our website. A high PageRank value (due to plenty of backlinks) does not guarantee a good site ranking.

Of course everyone wants his site to be as strong and PageRank value to be as great. For this we must gather as many quality backlinks as we can, but also to constantly update our site and keep the flow of visitors coming, and returning.

PageRank in Google’s database is constantly changing, but the value in Google Toolbar is updated only once every 2-3 months. (This is called PageRank export). PageRank export does not change rankings because it is based on a database which is always variable. PageRank seen in the Google Toolbar is only a signal based on which we can draw conclusions about the power of our site, that may be the result of persistent work on site optimization.