6 Easy Ways to Make Money at Home

make money at home

In this article I’m just breaking down some different ways that anyone can make money with, even if they only have really basic skills. So let’s get to those methods.

1. Starting your own YouTube channel

The first way that you can make money from home is to start a YouTube channel. Now if you don’t have a YouTube channel you might have some questions about this, like how much money can you really make from a YouTube channel, and, isn’t this pretty much a gamble whether or not your channel becomes successful?

youtube channel

So let me address that second question first: Yes it is a gamble whether or not your channel becomes really successful, but I truly believe that by consistently posting good quality content, anyone can attract several thousands subscribers. So there’s no guarantee that you’re going to become super famous or having millions of subscribers or become the next Pewdiepie, but by consistently posting good quality interesting content you will attract more and more people and you will start making more and more money with you YouTube channel.

And then if you’re asking actually how much money can you make with a YouTube channel: a channel with around 20k subscribers can make about $3k USD / month. So even if you have a channel with about 10k subscribers, which is very achievable, you could make an easy $1,5k / month approximately. That’s some pretty good money with not such a big effort.

2. Freelance writing

freelance writing

OK, so the second most easy way to make money from home is to do freelance writing work. There are many types of freelance jobs you can do, but a lot of them require more advanced skills, so you might not have those skills, but you probably have the skill of writing.

There are many different websites where freelance writers can get work on, but the most popular ones are: Upwork.com and Hirewriters.com. Upwork.com is probably the most popular freelance website on the Internet and so there are thousands of jobs posted on that website on a very regular basis from people who are interested in hiring people on all different skill levels and at all different price ranges.

Hirewriters.com is more niched, is only for people that are interested in hiring freelance writers, and there are different skill levels that you can task on to, and then depending on what skill level you’re at you’ll be paid a different amount of money for each writing project that you complete.

3. Stock photography photographer

stock photographer

The third easy way that you can make money from home with is by selling photographs that you take on stock photo websites. Obviously there are million of photographers out there and if you try to become a professional photographer you might have some troubles marketing your services, depending on how big of the city you live on. But even if there are so many photographers out there, there are also many people out there who are looking for unique high quality stock photos.

However, there seems to be an insatiable demand for such content, so that’s a good thing about it. Sites like adobe stock have good quality stock photos from freelance photographers and they pay the photographer either a fixed amount per photo that they upload or a royalty for every time that photo gets downloaded.

As your skills as a photographer increases and your images become better and better quality you’ll be able to sell your images for more and more money. So grab your photo camera and go take some cool shots that stock sites need.

4. Testing website functions and usability

website testing

The next method on how you can make money from home is something that you can do curled up in your bed without ever having to get up if you don’t want to, and that is to test websites for other businesses. Obviously there are millions of websites online, people make these websites but then the problem is that over time, they need constant monitoring because menu’s are becoming obsolete, links break, many things can go wrong, the site may not be enough user friendly and its tedious for the company to spend their resources trying to get to the entire website and test all those things.

These businesses want an outside perspective and most of the time they can’t ask their customers to do that. The solution is services that help connecting freelancers who are willing to test the websites for people who needs their websites to be tested. One of the most popular sites that connects people like this is called Usertesting.com, and it pays people with about $30 per hour to test websites.

5. Social media manager

social media manager

This is another type of online job but its a very difficult one, and that is to be a social media manager. There are tons of different sites for freelancers out there but a lot of them require more advanced skills. However, being a social media manager requires a few very basic skills that I think almost anyone in this day and age has.

This basically means you have to be aware with technology and how to use social media sites and apps on a pretty basic level. You do have to be relatively organized because what you’re going to do is taking the company’s content that is already generated or also possibly helping them to generate content, and then you’re going to post that content on their social media accounts on a regular basis. Also you need to interact with the company followers on these accounts.

Social media managers make anywhere between $15 to $30 per hour, but about $20-$25 per hour is a more common rate.

6. Teach online courses

online courses

The final method on this article is to teach classes on websites like Udemy or coursera. If you looked into ways to make money online you probably heard of making courses, but you might know that making course online can be a very inconsistent way of making money because not only it does take a fair amount of upfront work to create that course, but then trying to find people who are interested in buying them can be really hard. So instead, if you want to make money by making courses in an easier way I really recommend that you make simple courses for a third party platform like Coursera or Udemy, and that’s because those websites already have active users who are spending time and money inside because they want to learn new skills.

Instead of going out by yourself and trying to find people who are interested in buying your courses, you could just upload your courses there. At first you might not make so much money for every course that you sell, but for sure you’ll be able to sell your courses a lot more easily.

Those are the six easy ways to make money from home. If you enjoyed this article please share it on your social media to let other people find these easy ways of making money online.

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