7 Ways That I Actually Make Money Online With

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There are many hypothetical and not too practical methods of making money, but in this article I want to show you a few ways that I actually started making money with since a good time now.

So here are the 7 ways:

Teaching classes

The first way that I really make money with is I teach live classes. I’m a content creator, I have a blog, and I talk a lot about different things that I’m doing and different things I’m trying out. Because I talk about what I’m doing and people hear me, a lot of the time is they want to know how exactly I do those things and how they can do them themselves as well. Basically, after I share something that I did, a lot of the time some people ask me to teach a little class about how they can do that too.

For example, I write about how to publish a book on Amazon, and a lot of people ask me how they can self-publish their own books on Amazon. The next thing I do is starting a class about what are the best practices on how to publish and launch your own book successfully. I usually charge about $30/hour for such classes, and depending on the class, anywhere from 5-50 people decide to join in one of these classes. I normally teach one of these classes every month and it produces a couple hundred dollars.

Affiliate marketing

The second way I make money with is affiliate marketing. I create products myself sometimes, but most of the time it happens that there are very good products out there already and they happen to be good for my audience. This can be a product for bloggers or entrepreneurs for example. The next thing I do is to try that product for myself to make sure it’s something of quality and makes a really good product, and then I will promote that to my audience and then I get normally around 15 percent of the product price when sales happen.

Sometimes I do this by promoting products to my email list, sometimes I mention products on my blog or on my social media pages. I also create videos and use video marketing to market such products if I find a great product that I know it will be very useful for a larger audience.

Amazon affiliates

The next way that I’m making money with is kind of similar with affiliate marketing and is Amazon affiliates. This is still affiliate marketing but I consider it kind of different because it’s not normally for promoting a specific product. If for example I recommend some books on my blog and people click on the link, it will land on Amazon which is a big e-commerce site where people can buy a lot more than just books. I get a small cut of every sale (about 4-8 percent of the sale price) if they’re are completed in 48 hours since they clicked on the links on my blog.

The good part about Amazon affiliates, is that even if people don’t buy the thing that I recommended, I will still get a commission on any other product they decide to purchase there. This method can work even better if you can promote products with prices ranging between $50-$200, as your commissions will be ten times higher compared with promoting $5-$20 priced products.

E-book sales

The next method I’m making money with is from my e-book sales. Every time someone buys one of these copies I get about $10. I normally sell a couple dozen copies every month and make a few hundred dollars from that. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can create and sell your own e-books, let me tell you that I will soon create a new article on how to self-publish your own e-book, so make sure you check back later for that, it will hold some great tips on e-book creation and selling.

Selling online courses

The next way I’m making money is selling online courses. This is a more seasonal thing because I don’t have many courses that are available all the time, but every season I will have a course that I will be promoting and I normally do a big launch with the course. The sales are very wild, sometimes only a few people buys, sometimes a lot of peoples buys, but it does normally count for a fairly significant part of my income whenever I’m actually launching a course.

If you’re wondering where I do sell my courses, that is on Teachable.com

Consulting & Coaching

The next way I make money with is similar with teaching classes, only that this is about 1 on 1 consulting and coaching. I consult people about how to grow their businesses online because I do have a fair amount of knowledge on digital marketing. SO I get payments for 1 on 1 consulting and I also offer coaching for people that are just getting started, and it’s just me to support them figure everything out so they can start making money online or start developing multiple sources of income.

I currently charging $150 for these 1 on 1 one hour sessions which is honestly a total steal. I’m currently thinking on raising up the prices a bit, so actually my prices are still low right now.

Services like Facebook ads campaign management

This is the last way I’m using for making money online, and it is about managing advertising campaigns for other people businesses. I run both Facebook ads and Google AdWords campaigns. So when another business is having a product launch or they just want to increase the sales of their actual established products, I’m running the Facebook or Google ads campaigns to help them make more sales. This is a skill that I learned completely on my own, I didn’t go to school for marketing or anything like that. I just started working for myself about 10 years ago and i had to learn how to promote my own business so I had to learn all about advertising and marketing.

After I learned how to do that for myself then other people asked me if I can help them out with it. The next natural step was to set up a service for this and I started charging so now it is a very significant source of my online income.

I know that sometimes more technical skills like that might feel like overwhelming or that they need so much time to learn how to do or that you have to go to special schools that will be expensive and that sort of things, but really, you can became anything you want to be and you can learn how to do anything that you want to be able to help people with. So if you want to try this just start it without thinking about any difficulties. There are so many resources these days, you can just start researching on Google and YouTube where there are so many articles and videos on how to do this more advanced skills.

Whether is Facebook ads or social media management, book editing, graphic design, website design or whatever is that you think might be a service that you would like to offer,.. don’t wait until you have money to go to a college or to get some sort of certificate. Of course a certificate could make it easier to find jobs, but what counts even more is the actual experience of doing that thing, which you can nourish by yourself by researching and practicing on your own computer.

So just start learning and then slowly start helping people for free at first and then you can gradually start getting testimonials and getting that experience that you need to be able to charge for your services.

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