Making Money With Online Surveys and Opinion Websites (Legit or not)

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This article is about testing out if online survey sites are actually legit or not. So I tested the two most popular of them to see if they actually working. Let’s get going..

1. Toluna

Toluna US

The first company I tested is Toluna, because I’ve heard in a lot of places it is one of the legit companies out there. So I filled in the basic info and the first survey was ready (it is about completing my profile details). Depending on your demographic, they might ask for different info, but for me it started to ask about my employment status (I’m self-employed) so I completed that info about myself along with other details. To be frank, the next questions were really boring, but I proceeded with completing all of them. If you are not sure about the exact answer to choose, just enter one that is very close to reality.

After about 10 minutes I filled in and submitted all the questions, and I got a congratulations message telling me I successfully completed my profile, so now I can take an actual survey that I should be paid for. Next there is this survey that asks about my beliefs and life goals, like ‘what I want to achieve in the next 5 years’ (I hate that question), ‘where do you live’, ‘what do you do’ and this sort of questions, up to a point where, depending on the survey subject, they will ask for more specific questions. In my case that showed to be a health care survey, and it started to ask about medical conditions and medications that me and my household members might have / use.

So I took the time and started to complete all those medical questions, which luckily it wasn’t that hard as I initially believed to. There were indeed some things I never heard of before, so when I was not too sure about what answer to give, I would just choose ‘I’m not sure’, or ‘None of the above’ as my answers. So after about 20 minutes of choosing and submitting my answers, the survey is complete and a message popped up that I earned 25 points! I was going to my account to figure out what these points means. There it says 100 points worth $25, that means I earned about $6 in those 20 minutes, which is not bad at all!

Earning potential

The coming week I received emails about more surveys that I can complete on their panel, so I proceeded to do it. The survey subjects were ranging from relationship information to online shopping habits. If you ask me, all those questions are not so hard to answer or come up with answers for. During about 10 days since I registered on the site, I was able to acquire 1200 points. If you do the math, that’s $300 in earnings, so I’m definitely satisfied with the result.

2. Survey Voices

survey voices us

The second company I tested is called Survey Voices. I had to sign up all over again and submit all my profile data here also. The interface on this site seems more friendly and populated with a lot of stuff you can do for earning points. Some of the things you can do here, outside the regular completion of surveys, is to watch slide shows or videos of various company products or services. You have to actually watch it to gain the stated points, and watching time can range from 2 to 20 minutes. Most of the time you will see a countdown timer that needs to reach zero before going to watch another slide or video, for properly recording your earned points.

Again, this might seem boring, but while letting the slide / video playing on your computer, you could do other things in your room or near your desk so you get the most of your time. There will be plenty of ads you need to browse through to gain credits on this site, but since the company is well-known and reputable, you’ll be free of malware or other sneaky browser addons that can infiltrate your computer, unlike if you were alone browsing the wild Internet.

Earning potential

I was able to do this for one week with only one day of break, and I managed to acquire 362 points equaling a total value of $100. You can also redeem Amazon gift cards with your earnings, but I personally prefer getting the money in my PayPal account. If I can manage to do this for one full month (only 2 hours a day), I will earn about $400, which isn’t a sum to be neglected, especially considering the effort for obtaining that sum is not so big.


Working with Toluna resulted in more money than working with Survey Voices, but you can always use both of the companies to increase your daily earnings.

The good thing about taking online surveys is you don’t need to have any specific skills to do it. You just need a computer and Internet access, and of course a few hours of your daily time to complete all those questions. You can even do all this without even needing to go out of your bed!

Imagine that some people are spending whole hours daily just browsing on Facebook or watching TV.. if they could spend that hours answering survey questions and giving their opinion on various company products, they will be richer with a few hundred dollars monthly, or a few thousand dollars yearly, and all that money could be put to some good use! But the reality is.. many people are too lazy for doing this.

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