10 Success Habits to Reach the Next Level (Achieving Your Goals)

achieve your goals

I will not be talking about drinking enough water or waking up early, because these are the normal things people should be doing anyways. Instead, I will list some of the most efficient habits of success you can incorporate in your daily routine, so that will help you reach the goal you dream, or become the person you want.

1. More action and less talking

Most of us with grand ideals and big dreams for success fall into a bad habit of talking a lot or thinking a lot about what we want to do some day. Of course it’s great to have dreams and visualize those things we want, but we also don’t want to be caught up wasting too much time just talking or thinking.


So whenever you find yourself going down that rabbit hole of thinking about all your big dreams for the future, stop yourself and start taking action towards making those dreams a reality.

2. Quit watching TV

I hope you didn’t closed the page by now because of that title. This might be hard to hear but you really need to quit watching TV because of so many reasons. I know you might love TV, because it’s fun and great.. but it is also a huge time waste and most people watch way too much of it. If you really want to be successful, then you need to be utilizing all that free time that you have right now. I know you you think you’re super busy, but if you’re watching TV.. you’re probably not so busy..

So get rid of the TV or at least try to minimize the watching time as much as you can, and use the remaining time to pursue your own success, whatever that might be. Whatever you want to be great at, use that time for that instead. If you want to be a great pianist, or a great writer, then practice this instead watching TV, you get the point. If you want to build a successful business or professional career, then there’s no time for watching TV.

3. Believe that you can and will

This might sound a little bit cheesy or cliche, but this can get to the core of your motivation if applied daily, and so you will be getting more closer to what you want to achieve. For example if you just think “someday I would like to have a big beautiful house’ and you don’t truly believe that day will come, then you’re not going to be motivated enough to do the actions that would be necessary to obtain that goal. That’s because you might think it will never happen anyways.

However, if you TRULY believe that someday YOU WILL have that house and you ARE ABLE to bring that into reality, then you’ll be willing to put in the needed work and this can be: work harder at your actual work, search for a better paid job, educate yourself to obtain a higher position with a higher pay, or working to grow your business more so you can increase your profit, and so on. You will do all that until you will actually get to the point where you CAN AFFORD buying that house!

Whatever your goal is, believe in yourself and believe that you can achieve that. If you’re thinking like: ‘How do I do that?’, ‘I tried but it didn’t worked’ and things like that, my tip for actually believing that you can do something to happen is making a plan on how it will happen and then taking action on that plan (make sure to split big parts into smaller ones).

4. Journal taking

Probably you heard about this tip somewhere else, but I’m still listing it here because it is a very powerful tool for keeping yourself focused on your goals. Keeping a journal can make a big difference in your life. Just take the time to journal every single day (best time to do it is during the morning or evening) by writing down everything you think about your life and plans, so that they will stop swimming around in your head all the time. You can actually organize all that, so it will be easier to get back and adjust your plans better.

Keep a working journal also with everything that needs to be done, what you’re doing now, and what you have completed (TO DO, DOING, DONE). It will be of great help!

5. Take care of your body

Many of the success tips articles or videos talk about the importance of keeping your body fit, and I totally agree that exercise is important and you should be doing it almost daily. Sadly, people forget very quickly that the other part of taking care of your body is about eating foods that are full of the nutrients that your body needs to function at a high level. To get the needed energy and not feel depressed or demotivated, outside exercise, there is also very important to eat healthy foods.

Eating is the part where your body will get all the energy from, so if you’re eating lots of crappy and processed foods, cut it out right away. If you don’t have time to cook there’s still lots of simple options for healthy foods you can have, like chicken with potatoes and salad for example, which is more healthier than so many convenience pre-packaged options.

6. Do the thing and you will have the power

So often we spend so much time and even energy thinking ‘I want’, either about being or doing something. It doesn’t matter how many times you think that you want to do that thing, or become that person, it will never happen if you just stay there and think about it. The second that you start to take action you’re actually moving in that direction. For example, even if you don’t have any money to spend on a plane ticket to visit a city, just get out of the couch and search for how much the trip it will cost, that is the first step for doing that trip.

success habits

You could think about what things you’ll going to take with you in that trip, and what handbag or backpack you will use for that, what you’ll be dressing with. Those are the things that will give you the power to actually do what you want. It will never open up to you until you start taking the first step into that direction, and, as you walk more steps toward the goal, new opportunities will start to appear – and will all help you to reach your goal.

If you want to change yourself as a person, and you think you’re not having the power or resources to do it, you think wrong. You can become the person you want if you just take the first steps toward becoming that person, and then continue to pursue your goal with determination and perseverance. Just do the thing and you will have the power.

7. Use the power of routines

This is about forming routines. Routines are a very powerful way when needing to change your life into better. You need to make things that can help you become successful part of your regular way of doing things, being either daily or weekly. You’re going to replace your bad habits with the good ones. So for example if you have a bad habit of watching TV a lot, replace that with doing exercises, or preparing a healthy food to boost your energy.

You probably already know hat the good habits that will lead to your success are, but you’re not doing them. The reason you’re not doing them is that they’re not part of your regular routine (yet).

8. Socialize with people you admire

Many people mention this tip in a different way like: ‘Hang out with people that have the income you want to reach’, that’s a good theoretical way to think about it, but we tend to fall back into our same habits of just hanging around with the same people, and that’s because they’re our friends and / or family which we can’t ignore. However, a better way to think about it is to hang out or to spend time with the people you admire. So, in the circle of people you do know, who do you admire the most? Try to spend more time with those people so you can learn more about their attitudes and the actions that they took to get to this point of being admired by you.

Spending time with people you admire will ultimately make you become more like them, and over time you will meet more successful people if you continue to grow in that way. You don’t need to break off all your old connections and go find new people because that’s too difficult for most people to do. So instead just spend more time with the people you admire.

9. Keep learning

My favorite way of doing this is to read. I read a lot all of the time, and I keep improving my skills in the directions I want. Most successful people read a whole lot. Of you can also read fiction or novels sometimes, but you most of the time you need to read more stuff that teach you new skills or improving on your current skills, which ultimately will lead to become more successful in whatever field you wish.

Whether if you read books about better ways to workout, business, investing or books about how you can improve yourself (by reading this article you’re already on the right track). It is better you have a mix of practical skills and self-improvement as well.

10. Share your ideas

You can be learning all day long and your brain can be working and you can be coming up with all sort of innovative ideas.. but no one will going to know how brilliant you are and also you’re not going to help anyone out if you’re not sharing those ideas with the world. I’m not just talking about telling your neighbor, but writing a blog post, writing a book or making a video so you can put your ideas out into the world and other people can react and benefit from them. This allows you to progress with new ideas or improve the actual ones.

For example if I’m telling my ideas today, starting tomorrow I’m not going to think about the same ideas over and over, a thing that can keep me pulled back. I’m going to think about what is the next idea and I’m going to progress in my thinking and my ideas will get better and better as I keep sharing them with the world. Also, during this sharing process I will become known for my ideas.

I hope you liked this article on how to adopt good habits that will make you more successful, and if you do, please share this article on your social media accounts so other people can enjoy this also. Thank you!

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