Self Confidence – Pursue Your Dreams With Confidence

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Self confidence

The importance of self confidence:

Another defining characteristic of successful people is self-confidence. Studies show that all people who have managed to achieve something truly great in life, they share a very strong self confidence that allowed them to pursue their dreams with determination and to do what was necessary for them towards that end.

In this article we will talk about how you can develop confidence to achieve any goal you may propose.

One of the main goals in life should represent gaining self-confidence to such a level that we become convinced that we can achieve anything we want. Without being strengthened by faith, you will not get any result.

It’s in vain to visualize our desires, places we want to visit, the car we want to drive, if we not truly believe that we can achieve these things. As I said in other articles, visualization is very important, but more important is how we feel about it, feelings that we live inside us when you are viewing those things, or, if we can not trust what we do, it’s hard to live with those feelings of joy and satisfaction associated with getting what we wanted.

For example, note on a sheet of paper the answer the following question: What do you dare to dream for if you knew it would be impossible to fail? Note all the things you would like to do, if you know that you will surely have success and failure will not be an option for you.

Lack of self confidence = failure:

What are the reasons why you do not have those things that you dream of? What pulls you down? Certainly one of the main reasons is the lack of self confidence. Perhaps you’ve thought many times about the things you want to do, but every time you “concluded” that you can not do these things because you either do not have enough money or do not have the necessary knowledge, or do not have the proper connections, you do not have enough time..

As you can see all of these reasons are based on lack of self confidence. In fact, all of these reasons have occurred because you do not have enough confidence in yourself. Thomas Edison is probably the greatest inventor in history, although he had only 3 months of formal education. However he owns over 1,000 patents in the U.S. and many others in Britain, France and Germany.

Albert Einstein was expelled from school, Michael Jordan was expelled from the basketball team in high school, Walt Disney was fired because was lacking imaginative and original ideas, Abraham Lincoln failed in business twice, lost his fiancee, lost eight elections, yet he became the U.S. president. As you can see, all these people had to deal with more difficult problems than those that keep you from realizing your dreams, and one of the important factors that contributed to their success – is self confidence.