Tips To Get Better in Time Management

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Techniques for time management

Time management has an important role in goal setting. In this article are presented three excellent tips that will help you organize your time better and to use the most of every minute in every day.

Repeated positive affirmations:

Positive affirmations are essential in time management, below are listed a few methods to help you stay positive.

Thus, positive statements must be..

– Present tense
– Short, concise and clear
– Credible
– And most important, and often overlooked, should be positive. Even if it seems a play on words, and you think it’s normal that positive affirmations are positive, a lot of people use negative statements. For example, instead of saying “I do not want to be fat” say “I’ve lost 3 pounds”. Or instead of “I don’t want to fail the license exam”, say to yourself “I took the exam!” (remember, the statements must be in the present tense).

Here are some examples of positive affirmations that you can use to get better in time management:

– I’m excellent in time management
– I am always punctual
– I use all my time to be productive
– I am very organized
– I go easily through all tasks assigned to me
– You can use as many such statements, provided that they meet the four essential rules listed above.


About visualization we discussed in detail in another article on this site. If you want to know more about this process, I recommend reading the article Law of Attraction, Visualization. I will not go into every detail about visualization, but I will present just how to apply it to become better with time management.

In the morning, after taking breakfast, lie in bed for 5-10 minutes and try to visualize how you want to proceed that day that just begun. Imagine your time so that you realize all the activities that you have noted on the list the night before. See how quickly and effectively you will meet each task that you must do and how you will increase your confidence and gain more courage, and how you think you can accomplish anything you propose.

The key to this exercise is to feel truly that you manage to use your time and live within the sense of satisfaction offered by the fulfillment of all tasks in the shortest time possible.

Choose a model:

This is another very important tip in time management and means to choose a person you really respected and to be a model for you in terms of time management. For example, many young people, when they start bodybuilding workouts, choose a model and trains very hard, hoping that one day will look like their idol (a lot at first, do not know exactly about involving in bodybuilding and what factors determine the development of muscle mass at such professional levels, but what really matters is that they have chosen a model and do everything they can to become like that).

Probably many of you have real models from the real life in various fields. But no matter what field it is, the idea is that you must choose a model and try to become at least as good as that model. Do what it does, work like it and attempt to imitate positive and constructive actions.