Website Popularization Through Links

Website link popularity

Increasing the PageRank value is not the only purpose of website popularization. The main purpose is to obtain different places in search engine results, because that brings most visitors, not PageRank value. (Of course that a good PageRank usually means a good ranking, the two are consistent to some extent.)

In case of a new and less powerful site, popularization should be started with web directory and social bookmarking submission. Try to submit your site in quality web directories and top social bookmarking sites, in as many relevant categories.

It is therefore important to start with these types of links, because these entries will have social value and in the same time will be extremely relevant (they are also easier to achieve). Therefore, our website will become stronger (PageRank) and because of this, will be easier for us to build partnerships with other webmasters.

Google PageRank value is always changing, but the value of the Toolbar is updated only after a few months. Popularization of a website is a long process. After submitting your site you must wait several months for the updated PageRank value of the Toolbar, but after that we can start developing partnerships by exchanging links – site owners prefer to work with strong pages.

During the development of such partnerships (link exchange) is recommended exchanging links with relevant websites. Of course, they might not be so many, and we should also consider the quality of these sites. And this is not about their beauty. It is important that our partners will not be penalized. A backlink from a penalized site may destroy all our backlink efforts made so far. The situation is even worse if you place a link to a penalized page.

In website popularization both quality and quantity matters. In terms of PageRank value counts only the number and value of references, but the backlink quality is very important in search engine result positioning. Our most important keywords should appear in the text of the backlink (anchor text).