Building A List of Followers On Twitter

Building twitter followers

In this article I want to talk a bit about how you can build a huge network of friends, clients and partners using the social networking site Twitter.

I chose this topic because I see a confusion among small and medium business owners related to social networks.

After my experience, most of these people have no idea how such a tool like Twitter will help in their marketing efforts and how they can benefit from this new wave of “madness”. I hope to pour a little clean water in this glass.

As I mentioned above, most small and medium businesses do not even have a Twitter account, and therefore they all ask how can they use Twitter more effectively for the benefit of their business. And since Twitter has become a mega monster on the Internet, it is right to ask. The thing is that Twitter is simply a fantastic tool for any business.

You should know that, online relationships are very different from real and personal relationships. These relationships are based more on common interests, knowledge and confidence.

If you’re new to Twitter, you may not have realized it yet, but you can easily create a personal brand or business and you can dominate the market by simply building a list of followers.

Create a Twitter profile:

Once you’ve created an account on Twitter, you can customize your profile page. Twitter allows you to easily customize the profile page layout. You should pay more attention to creating your online biography.

Your Twitter biography online:

Because, besides the posts, people also look at the person making the posting and judge from the biography if the person deserves to be watched or not. Therefore you must be very careful, because you only have 160 characters available to describe who you are and what you do, so it deserves to do it better.

Profile photo:

It is advisable to use a photo of yourself instead of a logo. I recommend this because people want to connect to real people and want to trust someone who have a face.

Twitter background layout:

Set your twitter background

Also, you can personalize the background image of your page. This is an option that you should necessarily use because it has a huge advantage and is a way you can get free exposure for you and your company.

There are a lot of Twitter background images that can be downloaded for free and that you can modify to your liking in Photoshop or other photo editing software.

Gather followers:

After you have created your profile you will build the list of your followers. If you have business contacts or a mailing list of customers or potential customers who already use Twitter service, ask them to follow you.

Put your Twitter page address in your email signature, web site and forums and ask people to follow you. You can even put this address on your business card, so you can gather followers from the real world.

Do not be shy, talk all about your Twitter page. Do so, that will sound interesting and give them the news that you will share updates, tips and important information. You will be surprised when you see that almost everyone will click on follow.

Another thing that I feel is important, especially that which operates in the online marketing section – search and to follow the largest industries. This will be beneficial in several ways. First you will have a vision of the industry. You know what they are doing on Twitter, you will learn how they improve their results, but more than that, you get in front of those who are already in contact with them.

You can’t fight curiosity, so you better take advantage of it. People are born curious. They like to look at who follows whom, so they can click many times to check who is who, to follow them, so you get more and more followers over time.