Facebook FanPage – An Exceptional Marketing Tool For Your Website and Business

Last month, Facebook has passed 700 million users and is still expanding. It is said that if he had a country, would be the third largest worldwide after China and India.

This fact is very interesting, especially in terms of marketing because many people can be find in just one place, where you can touch them with your messages with such ease.

Most recent statistics show that Facebook grow with an enormous new speed, acquiring millions of new users every week. Looking at these numbers, no wonder that every day the number of companies who are on Facebook is increasing. Which is a very normal thing. You have to be where they are too, and were millions of potential customers are.

The problem is that most of these companies do not know how to use this exceptional tool called Facebook, in an efficient manner. The first thing that you can see this is that companies open their account profile on Facebook and use it, instead of the page.

This can be especially serious in the long run, because the profile page was designed especially for individuals, not for companies, which means that the profile is quite limited compared to a page. The first example would be the limit of 5000 friends you can add to your profile compared to the page that has no limit and may get millions of fans.

Your company already has a Facebook page?

If you own a business, you must create a page for your company as quickly as possible because you risk lagging behind.

Here are some reasons for which you must have a Facebook page:

1. The first reason why your company should have a page instead of using the profile is that the profile is not public, but only for friends, which follows that search engines do not index it, while pages are public and accessible to search engines, which means that a page is likely to appear on the search engine lists.

2. Creating a page is free and easy to do.

3. A page is an excellent tool to build a community around your brand or business.

Take the first step

If you do not have a Facebook page, it’s time to do one right now. Join http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php