How To Promote Your Website Through Facebook

Promote your site through facebook

Social networks really help you to promote your website. One of the most known and used social network site is Facebook.

Facebook is a social-networking site where you can meet people and friends, people who have same interests as you. Registered users are able to find friends, and all registered users worldwide, not only in the country where they are.

In the following lines, I will show you how you can promote your site using Facebook.

– Create a blog on your site (you can install wordpress on a subdomain on your site).

– Create a Facebook page (for this you must be a registered user). Then it will be available in the “Ads and Pages” from the Facebook profile (under “Games”).

– Go on the created page and click on ‘Browse More “under” More Applications “(the last menu below). Search now an application named “RSS Reader”, such as the Simply RSS.

– After installing the application, it will be visible in the “Applications” menu of your Facebook page. Click on “Edit” and add the “RSS feed” address of your blog (Learn moreabout What is RSS).

– The last step is posting regular articles that contain targeted keywords in the title to promote your site.

As the number of Facebook users who link to your page is higher, the more you increase the likelihood that it will be better indexed and increase the PageRank of your website.