What is RSS?

What is rss

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is a standard format based on XML, used to facilitate the publication and popularization of web content.

RSS is the standard used mostly by news sites, especially those sites that bring in fresh content value and in a short time. Of course, the standard RSS can be used for absolutely any kind of information that can be presented as articles. Most online blogs have an RSS feed for articles published, or even to the last comments on the blog posts.

RSS standard was made known through UserLand company (the year 1997), and was later adopted by Netscape and is therefore useful in its own news portal. Soon, it became the main way to exchange information between sites such as BBC, Slashdot, CNN, Disney, Forbes, ZDNet and more.

Sources (RSS feeds) help directly in the online marketing campaign, because it can generate traffic, either through their direct use by users or by publishing their content in a network of information sharing.

In terms of web optimization, RSS is used indirectly on many sites. We can not say that this will help in the optimization process, but it certainly will help in marketing campaigns. One of the major advantages of this feature is that you can inform site visitors without the need to visit your site. And, if the information and content made available to customers of the site is of high quality, they certainly will come back and visit.