Where To Find The Best Free WordPress Themes

Best free wordpress themes

If you have chosen the WordPress platform, or you want to create a WordPress blog, or whether you want to promote your business, you need to know what theme to choose. A good template which is consistent with the content of your site can create a wider audience, but also a good impression to an ordinary user.

Often, a website template must make a first impression to an ordinary user. Because the most important thing in a website is its content.

As the title suggests, in this article you’ll find the sources that contain the finest and most robust WordPress themes. This article is divided into two parts:

– First part: you will find the best sources that contain free WordPress themes;
– Second part: best sources that contain professional, premium WordPress themes.

I start with the first, namely the sources where we can find the best free WordPress themes:

The first website is the best known, free themes directly from WordPress.org. Here you will find more than 1000 free themes which most often will you get out of trouble, because of so many design options.


The following website is quite new, is called themes2wp.com, this site has built its reputation by WordPress 2.0 themes, modern and large, they are excellent for websites containing media (images, music, video), and for someone who wants a modern and bright design.


The following website contains beautiful WordPress themes, modern and spacious. There are Web 2.0 WordPress themes, which are perfect for a site containing media or games, or any other “contemporary” content.


Another great website containing free WordPress themes is topwpthemes.com. On this site, you will find themes ranging from simple design, colorful and from modern to classic. New themes are added daily, so it’s worth taking a look from time to time.

Now that you’ve seen the best websites that offer free WordPress themes, you can move to a new level, namely websites containing premium WordPress themes with dozens of options, that are robust, error-free and very versatile.

The first site offering premium WordPress themes is themeforest.net. This website contains hundreds of premium WordPress themes of the highest quality, yet at a price of over $30. The even better thing is that if you are a webmaster, you can sell your work there getting a considerable profit, if your creation is attractive and versatile.


The next site that contains premium WordPress themes is woothemes.com. The site contains professional-looking themes, well-built, with many options and SEO included. It also contains a few free themes that are well worth seeing.


Last website worth visiting contains only premium themes – elegantthemes.com. As the name suggests this website contain only elegant themes, well-built and very versatile.


These are some of the best sites offering free and paid WordPress themes. In total, these sites contain approximately 4,500 different themes, and this should be enough for what you need.